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Where will Niko store his weapons?

Where will Niko store his weapons?  

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  1. 1. Which of the following methods of concealing and carrying weaponry would you like to see Niko use?

    • Trunk of a car (all weapons)
    • Back of a van (masses of weapons and bombs)
    • Back of a lorry/truck (Military-grade weaponry)
    • Back of a flatbed (tank)
    • Rucksack (pistols, uzis)
    • Laptop-style bag (pistols, uzis, grenades, molotovs)
    • Large over-the-shoulder bag (rifles, machine guns)
    • Picnic Basket (most weapons)
    • Rose-case (shotgun - terminator2/hitman copy)
    • Bum-bag (pistol, grenades)
    • Padded briefcase (pistol set or sniper rifle)
    • Shopping bag (molotovs)
    • Large coat (pistols or uzis)
    • Motorbike seat-compartment (pistol)
    • Hold-under-the-tshirt (pistol)
    • Large hat or turban (pistol, grenades, bomb)
    • Violin case (assault rifle, tommy gun!)
    • Cello-case (rocket launcher)
    • Lockers at certain locations where you can store weapons for future use
  2. 2. How should Niko (who as a foreigner can't legally own a gun in the USA) acquire his weaponry?

    • Rob an ammunation store
    • Black-market contacts that he meets through missions
    • Just stealing weapons during missions
    • Or he should just be able to buy from ammunation like normal

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There are folding AK variants that might fit in the briefcase. If I find a pic, I'll put it in "Show U Your Guns".

I like the Idea of working for a gun shop & earning better weapons & upgrades, good call tilly. If R* looks in for ideas, I

hope they like it too.

Beside dropping weapons, you should be able to give them to allies, like Unreal Tournament.

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Dudes, seriously off-topic.

tilly, "i also think after a while he should get a connection with the ammunation and then start working for a guy who owns/works at one, and once you finish his missions you get a bunch of new guns and maybe upgrades/customizations (if included)"

Nice idea man! Very GTAish

Fone_bone, piss off, if you want to increase your post count go do it somewhere else or you'll get banned for that kind of idiocy

UrbanOutlaw, nice ideas!

Spaz_the_Great, "Um, FOUR bouncers for a nightclub? MAYBE a couple more at a CASINO? Dude, casinos are loaded with bouncers and shit. If you ran a high-class well-known casino in Vegas and had like 10 guards I'd call you a dumbass." - Well it's not vegas it's new york isn't it, and i'm talking about the bouncers actually packing heat.

"Watch it, buddy, there are females here. One of which I know personally carries "emergency" things like that. Don't knock it, I've seen it in action and it's a smart idea. Just because chicks end up being smarter than us doesn't mean it's "pussy-assed"."

hahaha, do you carry round a handbag as well? "i'm hard-assed cos i've got lipstick" i don't think so, women aren't trying to be tough when they go round with a bag, if they were trying to be tough (remember sarah connor from terminator2?) they do exactly the same as a guy would - they carry a couple guns, ammo, and go to work

"And how are you going to use a MOVIE to judge realism? If anything, that's proof it's NOT realistic...."

Because I've never actually been to the states so I can't scope out places myself for armed gang members, not that I would even if I lived there, but you can make an educated guess - gang wars on the GTA scale only happen in places like africa or columbia, not in the USA (if you look at the news ever).

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Um, I specifically remember you saying a female carrying around a bag full of make-up "just in case" was "pussy-assed". I was simply saying it is better to be prepared than to not be prepared. How is being prepared "pussy-assed"?

I don't care where you live, a movie isn't something to use as a basis for realism. And in fact, that scene you described wasn't realistic at all. They each had ONE gun? Holy shit, dude... Brave people, or stupid. I'm not sure which.

And no, I don't carry a bag around, but what that has AT ALL to do with the point at hand is beyond me. I do, however, sometimes carry around an eyeliner pencil. This has nothing to do with anything, but neither did your question of whether or not I carried a purse/bag.

And people, PLEASE, instead of using quotation marks, use the actual quote buttons, this is confusing and annoying to respond to.

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Spaz, okay, you just try invading a mob warehouse or casino with like 5 weapons strapped to your back and see how far you get! I was gonna say you can use cheats if you wanna "go rambo" but I mean not even rambo had that many guns with him!! Anyway let's stop this bickering, we'll just see what rockstar decide to put in the game...

Oh and I've no idea how to use the quotation marks, I tried but it never worked. Isn't there like a tutorial or something explaining how to use them??

tilly, breakable weapons would be pretty good - might be a bit too complicated for guns tho, but certainly melee weapons are going to need replacing after a while, can't say it'd make that much of a difference to gameplay tho.

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