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Image Uploader 1.0

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Over the past couple of days i've been working on an Image Uploader for the forums. It is finally complete.

Image Uploader v1.0


Ability to upload various image types (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp)

View images you have uploaded and their dimensions and file size

Delete images you don't want any more

get the code with [ IMG ] tags which you can quickly copy and paste into a post

get the code with [ URL ] tags to post a link to your image

See how much percent you have used of your allowed images

Great for a place to upload your signature's and avatar's for use on the forum

Admin Panel:

Various settings can be changed, including:

the amount of images a user can upload

the maximum file size of an image a user can upload

welcome message, guest error message

directory where images are uploaded

Turn Image Uploader On or Off

View all images that have been uploaded and Delete any if necessary

Hopefully this should be quite a useful mod and it will be used a lot. It is only a version 1.0 release because I still might add more features to it. But for now, click the link at the top of the forums to try it out

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