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Hardest Mission

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That Smokey one were you need to shoot them guys on the top of the train while Smokey rides. Bloody annoying.

And the one with Ceaser where you needa drive...I forget...

did you mean that toreno mission where you got to steal a truck? yeah, i remember that, i got it in the 2nd try

and that mission where you have to drive w/ smoke is called wrong side of the tracks, you have to concentrate on the road and keep the bike in the right front of the train ^_^

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yeah i'm doing it on on xbox and can't get it

I know what you mean. It was a pain in the ass! I usually hate RC kind of missions anyway. -_-


thejn just dont do it

Z's missions arent necesary lol....

u can complete th game without doing them, ....

just ignore hem....

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