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Junction 25


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That GTA2? Nice, good luck with your map. Haven't played the game for years...

man you own a whole GTA site and cant tell the difference between one and two. lol.

Was going to say I was ashamed in him, myself.

You can't really tell the difference.

No, YOU can't tell the difference. I very well can((I know he's banned, but his stupid post needs a response)). Besides the graphical differences, GTA1 had BIKES.... And the was a bike in that first screen cap, which made it very obvious.

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Er, sorry guys, but I had to scrap it ATM. I got a really busy year now that I need to focus on, until I have some time to myself, I'll be starting on a new map, besides, I got useful with the new beta version they made. :)

For now though, all of it will be scrapped. But when I get time, I might revive my map and continue working. ;)

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Er, well, I mean, I'm busy nowadays. I'd like to continue working on this, but with GCSE Exams coming up, I have so much stuff on my hands, therefore I can't continue, possibly in summer 08'. The Map took some time to make, but guess what? I had to delete it off my computer. When I get GTA 1 Downloaded on my computer I might start making a new map mod.

For the time, it's scrapped until I get the project back up.

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