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What happened?!


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The no police radio transmissions in Law Enforcement Vehicles are normal. It was taken out since Liberty City Stories was made. I don't understand what you're saying by helicopter bullhorns, though.

I mean those Megaphones. You know the ones they scream in to say yur under arrest and stuff :D

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Yeah there are no megaphones at all. Nothing that is that good in VCS compared to other GTAs in the series. I dont like how when you drive a coach they've taken out the bus stops that were in VC which I use to enjoy. I guess the size of the UMD compared to a normal disc limits how much you can have. Also the PSP itself isnt as powerful as the ps2 so that also limits everything. But they have kept the swimming which is a bonus but I dont like how you only get 3 garages and can't buy property.

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