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Best Machine!  

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  1. 1. Best Machine!

    • Macintosh
    • Microsoft

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i been a mac user almost as long as there have been macs to use

and i've got 3 of them at home - so no prizes for guessing which way i voted

(alas they make us use XP Pro at work :angry: :'(

Do you play Grand Theft Auto on the PC, dude?

Because according to a recent study, OS X 10.3 actually had more security holes than Windows XP, but more of Windows' holes were exploited because of its popularity. Also, GTA is not playable on OS X. That's its problem. It's a good OS, but very few apps are compatible for it.

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Several points. Macintosh are better because they can handle graphics programs better and in my view are more friendly to use. However there is the old compatibility problem with games. And also apple are 50% owned by microsoft, just thought I'd point that out

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Yeah, when people make viruses they want as many people to get infected as possible. Windows is more popular then Mac, so, there you go. If Mac was to suddenly get a kagizillion times bigger then Microsoft, alot more Mac viruses would appear.


I know that, but that's besides the point. Also, MVI, what you said is incorrect.

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