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UK PS3 Site: GTA IV is now finally in the Horizon..


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I found this at GTAForums

The UK PS3 site just got an update, and in the update theres GTA IV..

uk.playstation.com GTA IV

Now the date says its released is Oct.

Official UK Playstation site updated: "Grand Theft Auto IV is now finally on the horizon" coming Oct 2007

This may be the Playstation site with incorrect release dates - it has been known before. But with the rumours of a big announcement for PS3 in October...


BTW, the "...is now finally on the horizon" bit comes from the main PS3 page on the site: http://uk.playstation.com/ps3/

N4G: http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News-71530.aspx

Sony is suppose to reveal a big surprised so this may be it.

I am doubting the release of GTA IV this month, I believe R* said that the PS3 version was 2 weeks behind.. Even the Xbox.com site says "GTA IV is now finally in the Horizon.. " but with a release of 2008, Could it be a surprised? Something tells me Sony just did a mistake..

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I really think that's a load of bollocks, the box art still has the original logo seen months and months ago, and it's 99.9% impossible that it will be released this month. There's still a huge amount of work to be done. Also, I think the big PS3 announcement will be a fairly average price drop with another game lumped in, I'm guessing.

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