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Bling Boy

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Rate My Signature. Ive seen this on other forums so thort i might give it a go. OK heres how it works, the first person to post will rate my signature then after that you have to rate the signature of the last person to post. Quite simple once it gets started. Mine isn't very special lol. Lets see how this works out.

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Something tells me this should be in the Fun & Games Section

Again something tells me you should've been posted in the Rate The Person Above You topic, you rate someone, someone will rate you ...

Oh, and your sig is fine ... the userbars are cool :D and the profiles are cool too, lol how many views :D:D

Thanks for reading and hope you learnt your lesson ...

*waits for a mod to come and lock this*

*continues his journey to get his own mod stick*

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