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Tekken Series


Tekken Series  

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  1. 1. Which is your best Tekken Game of all?

    • Tekken
    • Tekken 2
    • Tekken 3
    • Tekken Tekken TAG Tournament
    • Tekken Advance
    • Tekken 4
    • Tekken 5 (Ultimate Collectors Edition)
    • Tekken 5

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Tekken 3 is the game that got me into the series. My first match against my cousin, i beat him in 2 rounds with a 1hit ko (in the first 3 seconds) with paul..he was hwoarang...

This was pretty funny, he was so cut at me because he thought he was unbeatable...

TDR is awesome as well, graphics much better etc, so many more characters...Jinpachi is a freak, dont let him up for a second otherwise he will use the fireball on you and thats the end of you (well end of about 80% health)...I have liked yoshimitsu for both tekkens, and learnt lots of his moves on tekken 3, it was pretty cool, the meditate thing and it heals you,. thne u press direction, teleport behind them and start hitting them before they notice

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Its got to be Tekken Tag Tournament..

Tekken Tag was the first game i got for the PS2, it was a real classic. The animation was fluid, also, the characters looked very realistic.

I loved the gameplay and effects. Also, the movies you unlock at the end make it so much more satisfying. ^_^

Bold: Probably my favorite part of Tekken 3.

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