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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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A lot.

Lol well there's like 2 in LS, one in Angel Pine, one in SF (two if we include Katie's place), one in Fort Carson and two in LV(Las Venturas Airport one and the other where we have to take Madd Dogg and get Sindacco).

Small edit: Seems to be some in Montgomery and El Quebrados too. xD

Final count: 9(10?)

T/F: Soldiers in tanks CAN use the tank's cannon.

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You got 'em all wrong except the Tank Canon... although I wasn't referring to vehicle weapons as well.

(it was the Parachute, the Detonator and The Camera, all the others CAN be used by the A.I. although some might need scripts)

A: Camper.

Q: What happens if (using hax or mods) you flip a helicopter?

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