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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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San Fierro Triads.

Question: How do you steal the Andromada in the mission Stowaway?

Answer: You cannot without a trainer or cheat. Unless someone came up with a new way to steal it

I asked How many Freefall Dive spots there were with bulidings in which you must enter with the yellow highlight marker. There are actually 3 one in San Ferrio, one in Los Santos and anyother one near the Big Ear, it is a raidio antenna not marked by a yellow marker but it will take you to the top for a freefall dive.

What does the license plate on the Buffalo say in the misision High Noon?

I will try to get a marked MAP pic of the radio antenna..

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Alright, here is the answer to my question:

Get a Rhino and store it in the Verdant Meadows garage. Once that is done, get a minigun and start the mission. Wait for the mission cutscenes to finish (although you can skip them to save the wait).

Once the cutscenes have finished, destroy the Andromada with the minigun. Then kill the secret agents, open the garage door, block it with the PCJ-600 (by parking it against the door), get into the Rhino and use it to push the Andromada into the garage. Once you have done so, waste yourself. You will fail the mission, and you will lose all of your weapons (unless you are dating Katie Zhan), however, if you are lucky, the Andromada will be stored in the garage and will be ready for you to pilot anytime.

New Question: Who is the Don of the Forelli Family during the events of GTA San Andreas?

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The answer is "Unknown". It is never mentioned in-game who the Don of the Forelli Family is. Also, Franco Forelli is confirmed to be the Don in 1998, but he was never confirmed to be the Don in 1992.

Question: How do you enter Area 69 without cheats, mods or trainers, outside of missions?

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