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GTA VC cannot find enough available video memory

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Hey guys & girls.

After going through a color quality and resolution problem, my GTA Vice City gives me this error when starting "GTA VC cannot find enough available video memory". When I fixed my color and resolution problem, by downloading a new NVIDIA graphics driver, I got my resolution and color quality back to normal. From then, I tried playing VC last night, and I get this error now. I tried installing a latest NVIDIA graphics driver, but no luck. Last time, I had an older version of an NVIDIA driver, but do not appear to find it now. I downloaded that old driver from Ares torrent, and that one was a working graphics driver. I don't know witch one I had because it was like, 2 years ago. (I think).

Could anyone help me, all of the help will be greatly appreciated.

Btw, my computers motherboard is NVIDIA, and graphics card.



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it means you need a new VGA card(display adapter)

i have the problem since the 2005...so i had changed a new PC and it can playable after all of that

what is your PC specs? this may help if you just give me the VGA card model

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Ok. First the motherboard:

NVIDIA GeForce 6100 VGA.

PC Specs:

Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (I removed Vista).

Version: 2002 SP2 also. 192 MB of RAM.

My "192 MB" does play Vice City. Ask GuNNeR, I don't think he is here though...

He is on R1Gaming Forums.

EDIT: This is what my quality looks like, and my computer has all of the latest updates, critical updates etc etc...


^ Thats what it looks like.

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Chris82, I have had this Graphics Card since I got my PC. My PC is only 2 and half years old.

I downloaded a graphics driver from NVIDIA and from Ares 1 year ago, and it worked. I could play all of my games, with no graphics, color quality problems. This only started happening when I re-installed Windows XP Home Edition.

I have an AMD 64 Athlon processor.

I got this problem because of my Realtek Audio Definition sound program. That program had an hardware failure.

It had worked until I had an hardware failure. Now GTA VC says it requires at least DirectX 8.1 :huh:

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Uhm, my PC is 4 years and 2 months and is much better. Maybe you've got to consider buying a full new computer, not just a new graphic card. Cause it does really look very outdated.. Really.

Was it bought second hand? Cause that could explain it..

Just to be sure:

Go to start -> run -> dxdiag.

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OK. Cheers for all your replies dudes!

Really appreciated. happy.gif

EDIT: My Resolution and color quality problem is fixed. I have DirectX 9.0c. I can't find Directx 8.1c.

It's fixed, it works, problem solved, kaboom, doesn't need more help. Fine, done with, over.

Guess i might aswell close this.

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