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Modded Car (Super Speed!)

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Amazing What A Simple Mod Can Do!

Handling Line: BANSHEE 1000000 1000000 0 0.0 0.0 -0.60 70 10 1 0.50 5 100000000 100000 10.0 4 4 100000000000 0.52 0 34.0 1.6 1 5.0 1 -0.25 0.5 0.3 0.15 0 45000 2004 200000 2 2 22

Paste It Over Your Banshee Line In Your Handling.cfg File. Delete Any Paragraphs And Replace Them With A Space.

Edited by Deji

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To be honest, I didn't really enjoy it very much, all I see is some car flying around with no control backed with shit music.



Handling mods completely destroy the entire point of stunting.


That was just you damaging your banshee and changing the handling lines. I hope you kept a backup of your handling.cfg file.

Edited by GTA Don

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In all fairness, Deji DID say the handling was edited. It's not like he tried to pass it off as a legitimate stunting vid, but just

wanted to show what a simple DATA edit can do & (I would guess) wanted to show off some video editing.

Keep working on your skills (modding, stunting & video editing) even Lucas & Spielberg were beginners once.

What about a general GTA video sub forum? A place for random stuff or where someone can get feedback on their vids.

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Btw, I hope you know, that your not allowed to ask to borrow someone else's files.

-_- And that music is a remix right?

Music Is A Remix. Made By Me :D. What You Mean By Borrowing Someone Elses Files???

Doesn't this belong more to GTA san andreas mods forum, I don't really think that's much stunting

How Do I Put It In The Mods Forum????? That's Where I Meant To Put It. Had Too Many Tabs Open.

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