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I'm enjoying the new brush effects you're using. Looks nice. :)

Do you think you'd be able to make a signature for me now? I'd really love if you could, as long as it's not too much a hassle. Basically, just have text saying lonelyskater, have an anime character in it, and have the colours dark please. :)

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Alright, done something:


I chose dark blue for some reason, and added an abstract background. Hope this pleases you. :)

Oh my god, It's fucking beautiful! Thank you thank you thank you! I like it so much, that'd I'd love if you could have one saying Nate10 so I could sport your work on here too.

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Hey TM, thought I'd enter your shop again and request a signature design from you. :hurrhurr:

OK, I am Italian so if possible I'd like an Italian looking signature. :) Now then, the size of it and what colors...(obviously Italian colors. :D)..the size doesn't really matter as long as I don't get another warning for it from always the same person. (who know who you are. :lol:)

Anyone if this could be done It'd be appreciated. :)

The names I'd like would be: Ice, Kel and/or ComRadKeL. :) So basically 3 of the same picture kind of thing but 3 with different names for different forum signatures. :D

Thanks TM!


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