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Well, I've been practising more, and I'm getting from rusty to professional (I think so... :P). So I decided to replicate Fallen Clyro's sig which Llama made:


I also made a new sig as well:


Although the text is in the wrong place, all of it looks neat! I might try to make a different one soon, other than that, I feel proud of this one!

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Deviantart. :P

Well, my Internet's working for the time, but my computers running slow, but I might be able to make some signatures up, so I got my ass on PS and made this up:


Just another replicated version of my sig, except a different car and a different layout. If any of you guys want this, just post below and I'll replace my name with yours. :)

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If you can, Can you make me a logo for my SA-MP Server's forum?

All it needs to be is about 3 screenshots or something from SA put together using that fade effect thing used on TGTAP's logo (main site logo).

Needs to be this size:


I'll pay how ever much you want.


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