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No, it's cool, i put them up pretty much so other people could use them.

Oh, well, then I think everything is all right.

Anyways, More from me:


This is sort of a boring sig, but does have a nice fade in effect, plus the texture looks a little "Over The Top" in which means I can't edit it again since I never saved a .PSD of it. :P How stupid can I be, lol.

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So I played around with the sig again, this time round, I decided to change the background and change the textures. It's not really good, but since it's another try, I thought this time it did a little better than my previous IV Sig:


I want to try to make the sides look as if it's old looking paper, or in other words, dirty brownish paper. I'm gonna do this again, but still is going to take time. I also thought about changing the text completely, something that looks like the IV Logo, but not sure how.

Other than that it's a nice sig, so I'll add it to my topic. My next sig will be animated, I'll be looking through some tutorials on it later.

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CS3 extended is FTW, especially when you use it with Illustrator, pretty much doubles the functionality.

That last sig is nice TM, i liek the whole sepia tone theme (means the brownish theme) Hope you get that paper - ish effect right.

TIP: Use the burn tool in places to make it look worn, and, well, burnt. :P

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That is quite nice. I like it. The other one did look a bit plain (no offence Chris), this one is cool. Btw, do you know how to do animated stuff?

I was wondering that too? ;)

Nice banner by the way. It looks very cool and awesome :clapping::rolleyes: .

The car sigs look the best in your gallery, I attempted to copy your Idea with a GTA Sig Car (I meant Car not Sig :P).

d612586159.png< :P

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