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Rage Against The Machine

K9 Krew

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Well last night i attened the Big Day Out, A Australian music tour and headlining it was RATM.

I have these words to say.


They played

pocket full of shells

guirllea radio


calm like a bomb

fuck the police


killing in the name of made the crowd go bezerk. I absolutly loved it being only 5 meters away from Zach de la rocha

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You mean they didn't play "How I Could Just Kill A Man," "Take The Power Back," and "Bullet In The Head"?! That would've been a major let down to me, those are my favorite.

Regardless, they're an amazing group. Is it true they're going to get back together, tour, and release a new album? I'd pay anything to see a full reunion and not at some festival were they play for thirty minutes, I want a two hour RATM show. (:

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