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Grand Theft Auto Collector's Edition

Harwood Butcher

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Well as I went to purchase GTAIII for the PC off of Rockstar Warehouse I decided to look for some other things that I might want off of the site and found that there was a Grand Theft Auto Collector's Edtion for the PSOne. This Collector's Edition includes Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto 2.

As soon as I saw that I wanted to buy it, but unfortunitly it's sold out. I was just wondering if anyone actually owns this Collector's Edition and or knows if Rockstar Warehouse will ever get more in stock.

EDIT: This could be moved to the GTA Classics section.

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I have it. I dunno if they'll get more stock because it was brought out at around the same time as GTA3 or VC I think, there's probably not much demand for it anymore, especially as they're free on PC.

That saddens me so... :'(

EDIT: I just sent an E-mail to Rockstar asking about whether or not they'll sell it again...Not too sure if they'll E-mail me back...but it's worth a shot...at least for me.

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