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Take2 Financial Results

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Take2Games have reported their financial results for Q1 2005 with excellent results largely due to GTA San Andreas. Headlines of the report stated that revenue exceeded $500 million.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Sales Exceed 12 Million Units Since Launch

Read that again. 12 million, that just shows how legendary this game really is, 12 million between 26th October 2004 - 28th February, thats 125 days if I have done my calculations correctly, and that averages at selling roughly 96,000 units every day.

Other notable points in the report were that the GTA PSP release date was NOT stated, however it was said that it will be released around the same time as San Andreas on PC and Xbox.

Finally there will be a conference call later today at 4:30pm EST, if any new information is released I'll be posting it later.

Link: Press Release

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It's something chris just tells you so you will stay here :whistle:

wtf? would you like to elaborate on that kiku? I don't understand how posting about Take2's impressive financial position makes people stay here.

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