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IMO, it'd be awesome if you had to hammer the shoulder buttons or something for him to put himself out.... That or PS3's sixasis...... meh

Sure, that would be great. Or pull off a kickass move and finish it in the closest body of water. Like jumping from bridges etc.

indeed i mean in previous games all you had to do was run around a bit... not very realistic is it?

Ditto on that, that sucked.

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well if you want it to be realistic (yawn on the realism bollocks) then maybe he should die!!!!!!!!!!

no think aboput it realism is more fun you have to come up with ingenious ideas of how to shake the cops, stop yourself from burning or trying to kill of that annoying fucking drug dealer who is how do they say it? oh yeah "shitting on your patch" or something...

it makes the gameplay more fun instead of following the nice little formula R* gives you

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I doubt they're gonna make it realistic to the last drop. You catch fire you pretty much die, don't know what GTA will do, honestly I have no fucking clue what this game's going to be about.

well you dont immediately die no, if ya jacket catches fire then you can whip it off and chuck it on the floor, i mean you dont instantly burn, it depends how bad the fire is...

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