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my new signature


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Ok , I needed a sig and decided to go with a funny theme. So I searched on google a picture of a "wigga" , changed it up a bit and put a simple sig togheter. Yet again I am having trouble saving as PNg for some odd reason :bashhead: so I had to go with jpg "transparency".

this is the sig:


(its not over any limit , I checked... bufu=by us , gently caress you... I saw that in a movie and thought it was funny :P)

and the original picture:


Like ? Dislike ?

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Another nice piece Kayo, though it's a shame that it's horizontal. nevertheless, I like it very much.

If I wouldn't have made it horizontal it would have been over the 200 pixels limit and it wouldn't look good smaller

I don't think we have that 600x200 limit. It we did I think I went over it. ^_^

I always thought BUFU meant Butt gently caress.

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