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PSM3 France Reviews Grand Theft Auto IV


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The French magazine PSM3 reviewed GTA IV in their latest issue. Expect the number of reviews to grow immensely as we approach the release of IV, with a little over a week left before it hits stores worldwide.

The review points do contain a minor spoiler (the description of another mission) so it will be displayed at the bottom of the list:

  • On the PS3, the L2 and R2 buttons (LT/RT for the 360) are used to break and accelerate this time around.
  • The underground subway is confirmed to be usable in IV.
  • You are able to buy weapons at stores, but whether the stores are called "Ammu-Nation" as in previous GTAs is unknown.
  • As is already known, you are able to buy clothes at various stores in Liberty City, just like in San Andreas. However, unlike San Andreas, when you want to try on an item of clothing, Niko won't go back into the changing room for a few seconds while the game loads the textures like CJ did. The new apparel will be displayed instantly.
  • When rendering at 1080p, the game looks amazing and the city is so detailed that you could wonder around for hours at a time without an objective and find interesting new things
  • Pay 'n' Spray locations will not affect your wanted level when you use them this time around, but they are still available for repainting your vehicle.
  • PSM3 France called it the "Best game ever made" and gave it a perfect 20/20 score.
  • Just like III, Vice City, and San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV includes a mission involving a bank heist. PSM3 said that escaping involves use of the subways.

The only grievance PSM3 had with the game was the aiming system. The magazine claimed that aiming felt 'heavy' at times, but because of how immersive IV is and how much of an improvement the controls are from previous games, that this is barely noticeable.

Thanks to GTA4.fr (French) for the news and GTA4.tv for the translation.

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