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Yeah, I download music off of the internet, because most albums, averaging at £10 for the disc, contain roughly 15 songs. Then, most albums only have a few decent songs on them, I usually only like a max of 4 on an album, meaning about £7 of the money Im spending is on stuff I dont acctualy want, so I dont really see the point. I don't bother going on Pay Per download Sites either, because most of the time, the song has not only been re-distributed illigaly, its now being re-sold illiegily. Besides, Artist make money from gigs, not CD sales

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I pirate thousands of dollars worth of crap here...at least 2 movies a day, and maybe a game. I buy them as well, but I kinda only get 10 bucks a week from my parents so..yeah..

It;s hard to get the games I want here. All we got are brand new games at EB for PC. many movies are also hard to get here, Like Pulse(Even though the movie kinda sucked).

I might get a job next year, and stop pirating.

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