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New Features (SPOILERS)

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Being the next generation of the series, Grand Theft Auto IV has loads of new features that prior games did not have.

There are sooo many new features that I found that it was needed to have a topic specifically for discussion about these new features and the experiences that you have had with them.

I've come across a number of different features that the game has...Hell, the gameplay is some what a new feature in its self. I personally enjoy the new minigames and what not that they have added, such as:

  • Watching TV
  • Interaction with computers and phones
  • bowling
  • mini-golf (Which I haven't played yet)
  • new climbing elements

One possibly new feature that they have added, which I found from looking through the art book that came with the Special Edtion, is

skateboarding...On the business logo pages, I found a "Curbcrawler: Skateboards" company, which is apparently a company that sells skateboards. Now before you get excited, this might be a random un-interactive company that Rockstar put in the game.

Anyways, post all of the features you've run into and please include some experiences you have had with them.

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The police system is great, looking up your current employers is great, seeing what they're wanted for and why. The internet is great as well, although a little limited IMO. Calling in fake alarms for the police, medics and fire brigade is great fun, and pushing people off their seats is hilarious, as is pushing them down stairs.

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