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Harwood Butcher

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This is the official PS3 USA Clan for The GTA Place. This clan currently does not have an official name, but as soon as members begin to join then names could be submitted.

If you want to join this clan then simply post here or PM me.

I will assign each member a "class" once I see what you're made of. These classes will consist of drivers, snipers, etc.

I will attempt to update this topic as often as I can.


  • Harwood Butcher (Formerly known as Original GTA Master) - PSN: OGTAM [bOSS]
  • corpex - PSN: frsthokage [uNASSIGNED]
  • irish_adam - PSN: irish_adam [uNASSIGNED]
  • silverballer95 - PSN: agenttuby95 [uNASSIGNED]
  • Husky - PSN: The_Husky [uNASSIGNED]
  • soulart - PSN: soulart [uNASSIGNED]
  • GTAsoldier - PSN: GTAsoldier1 [uNASSIGNED]
  • Easy-A - PSN: Easy-A [uNASSIGNED]
  • 8innergates - PSN: Francoghini [uNASSIGNED]
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Wow, is this it? I'd join but that would mean I'd be up at 1 in the morning to play with you guys...

You should have a new signature which grabs peoples attention advertising your clan, it might help people take notice and then they'll join. Good luck! :)

I've been meaning to make a signature for the clan, but I've been extremely busy lately. Too bad you can't join.

I would like to join if I could.Im out here in AZ

PSN irish_adam



Well welcome to the clan. I'll accept your invitation on the PS3. The 3 of us will have to practice some time.

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This sounds interesting. I would like to join (I'm from Queens, New York).

My PSN ID: GTAsoldier1

BTW, is this a mic only clan? Becuase currently I don't have a mic but I may buy one 2morrow.

EDIT: Bad news. OGTAM PMed me today on my PS3 and he told me his PS3 blu-ray drive is broken. So he can't really run the clan as of yet, thus not running GTA IV. :(

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