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Voodoo Corpse

Best Crime Leader

Favorite Boss  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. ??

    • Salvatore Leone
    • Asuka Kasen
    • Kenji Kasen
    • El Burro
    • Catalina
    • Miguel
    • King Courtney
    • D Ice

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Salvatore Leone. Shame his betrayal was the only way to get you into Staunton Island. Imagine being made for the Leone's. He also carries the best gang in GTA3. Triads are my fav gang, but they appear to be pretty street.

And I also like Asuka's calm accent. I mean look at Kenji he has hard time talking, sounds dumb, and also a mindless stereotypical expecting you to be running around. I mean when you appear on the cutscenes he's always offensive.

That's clearly understandable why Claude didn't have no problems killing him.

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