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    video games,music,smoking,drinking
  1. Finally! I was waiting for you to get banned!

  2. Ouch!

    That gotta hurt!

  3. coffin dealer

    who would win in a fight between...

    oh hell yeah,good old GTAIII times
  4. coffin dealer

    Favorite Movies

    Spun Bad Boys,Bad Boys 2 Friday,Next Friday,Friday After Next Tomcats Turn It Up American Pie 1,2,3,4,5,6 Scary Movie 1,2,3,4 Superbad Kill Bill 1,2 Half Past Dead Romeo Must Die Cradle 2 The Grave Kiss Of The Dragon Menace II Society South Central Baby Boy Beavis and Butthead Do America Harlem Nights
  5. coffin dealer

    Favourite Music Genre

    I listen hard rock,classic rock,trance,techno,rap,country.soul,house,drum n' base,reggae.I can't stand bubblegum pop music,that's why I hardly listen to radio these days.
  6. coffin dealer

    Worst Game of all Time?

    Halo series Bully NBA,FIFA,all the sports games
  7. coffin dealer

    Dream love!

    LOL,i haven't heard of that
  8. coffin dealer

    Dream love!

    yeah ,i know,but the topic is 'dream love'
  9. coffin dealer

    who would win in a fight between...

    But dude,you forgot Vic and Toni.I think that Niko wins,because he has military background.Vic would get a 2nd place.
  10. coffin dealer

    What radio station do you dislike the most

    LCS has one of the worst GTA soundtracks,In Liberty City Stories,I only listen Rise FM,MSX and LCFR . GTAIII Rise FM is better because it plays trance/techno,none of that house crap.
  11. Fuck, I accidently added you as a friend

  12. I have a few words for you, dickhead. Shut the fuck up forever. That, or die in a pit somewhere away from the rest of us. I don't really give a damn.