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  1. Spun Bad Boys,Bad Boys 2 Friday,Next Friday,Friday After Next Tomcats Turn It Up American Pie 1,2,3,4,5,6 Scary Movie 1,2,3,4 Superbad Kill Bill 1,2 Half Past Dead Romeo Must Die Cradle 2 The Grave Kiss Of The Dragon Menace II Society South Central Baby Boy Beavis and Butthead Do America Harlem Nights
  2. I listen hard rock,classic rock,trance,techno,rap,country.soul,house,drum n' base,reggae.I can't stand bubblegum pop music,that's why I hardly listen to radio these days.
  3. Halo series Bully NBA,FIFA,all the sports games
  4. LOL,i haven't heard of that
  5. yeah ,i know,but the topic is 'dream love'
  6. But dude,you forgot Vic and Toni.I think that Niko wins,because he has military background.Vic would get a 2nd place.
  7. LCS has one of the worst GTA soundtracks,In Liberty City Stories,I only listen Rise FM,MSX and LCFR . GTAIII Rise FM is better because it plays trance/techno,none of that house crap.
  8. if he doesn't have respect for hookrs and strippers then i don't have respect for him
  9. anybody know how 'motherfucker' is in japanese ?
  10. This is pretty old topic but my crush is Sharon Washington,she reads news in San Andreas and Liberty City Stories. Also Kendl Johnson ,Rihanna,Beyonce,Naomi Cambell, and Janet Jackson,she is a bit old but I would love to spend a night with her,Ashanti,Kyla Pratt,Ciara, Lil Mama,Foxy Brown ,Cashmere,Bambi Brown,um who else ,oh yeah this chick i used to love but she didn't love me back
  11. Some 14-15 members here are way more mature than you so who cares? Ad long as someone is mature, there's no prob. Shut the fuck up,kid.You're not even old enough to play GTA.I know girls who are cooler than you.
  12. holy shit dude,you should consider a career in church
  13. you don't consider hookers as people ? you are a stupid son of a bitch,i don't consider you a real man,everybody loves hookers
  14. i'm white,i know 4 black guys who play video games and a mexican chick who is a hardcore GTA fan,but daaaaaaaaamn,it's too many 14-15 year olds in this forum
  15. what the fuck is your problem man ? are you a women-hater or something ?
  16. Walker,Texas Ranger Sons Of Thunder Deadwood Beavis and Butthead Celebrity Deathmatch Strutter Jackass Charm School ( awesome bitchfights !) MTV Exposed Cops Parental Control Rescue Me Nip/Tuck Reno 911 too many awesome shows,most of them have ended or been cancelled,todays tv shows are mostly crap
  17. My favorite is Flash FM,most of my favorite songs are in the playlist like ' Wouldn't It Be Good' and ' Stay For Good This Time' plus the DJs are funny,bitchfight all day baby ! I also love VRock,Emotion,The Wave 103 and VCPR (New World Order and Bait & Switch in particular ).I like the soundtrack of Vice City Stories more than the soundtrack of old Vice City,VCPR and Wave used to suck badly in old Vice City.Seems like they put crappiest 70s/80s songs into old Vice City and left the best for Vice City Stories
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