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[REQ]'Sig' & Avatar


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I made it a request as Idk who to go to for a graphic xD

I've decided it is time to change my avatars and sigs to something new. However, I'm on holiday in Manchester (Hey! I call it a holiday! OK?) And my friend only has... Paint... Not that I have anything wrong with paint unlike some people but I dont really think that I could EVER use just that to make a graphic xD...

Anyway, I want a sig and avatar... I need one around the San Andreas theme and to simply have my name (Deji). I usually just go crazy and experiment and then adjust so I dont ever really think about what I want.

Ehem... What I'm saying is... As long as it's around the San Andreas theme and is cool I'll take it. Suprise me with anything else and I'll take my favourite (My favourite, not neccessarily the best, so don't be offended if I dont pick yours)

I'll pay anything as I dont really know what the money here is for anyway... I'll stop blabbering on and let you make gfx... :thumbsup:

PS... The Avatar needs to be 64 X 64 pixels in size :D

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