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Windows Update Wont Work


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I recently connected my computer to the internet again, after a month without service. I can connect to the internet fine, but the problem is with Windows Update, it just says "Windows Update Can't check for Updates". When I click the icon on my task bar, it won't pop up, not even the start menu.

I also have a very slow start up problem, where it freezes for about 5mins before the Vista icon and after logging in, that started happening when I had no Internet access to the computer.

Any Help plz? Thanks.

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He's got Vista, Windows Update is a built in program and it doesn't use IE anymore (thank god).

I actually can't help though, Vista has run flawlessly for me and have never had all these problems everyone complains about. I presume you've googled it?

I had a look through a couple of threads it found and most of them have retards going "restart computer lol" - yeah because that fixes everything. Someone provided a link to MS support site though so you could try that.

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well basically theres 2 main types youd be looking at, IDE (or ATA) and SATA

ide is the older sorta type, although i think new motherboards also support this.

sata is newer with faster speeds etc, only newer motherboards support this.

when did you get your pc / what are your specs, this might help to tell which you have.

you can tell through windows, go to run, type "msinfo32" on the left u see components, click the plus, then click the plus on storage, then click disks.

on the right hand side it'l say model. mine says hitachi HTS541612J9SA00. ok now open google, and search exactly the model.

heres mine for a example. see first result it says its serial-ata 150 (SATA).

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You aren't just buying a new one because of these problems with Windows are you? You can just format them, good as new. Or buy a 2nd to increase your storage space without wasting your existing one.

I searched on Google, about this "Clicking" Sound the HDD does, and they said it was because the HDD was begging to Fail and to back up ASAP (Not sure if its related to Windows). So if I Format, the HDD should work good again as normal?

I called HP, about the problem and they said they would replace my Hardrive at no cost, I just had to replace my faulty Hardrive for the new one. And they would send it by July 31st.

I'll start backing up now and see if there is no problem after I format.

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If the HD is clicking, thats bad. Thats usually the drive head (reader) hitting against the platter (disk), which can destroy the data on the disk. Every second that it is on is closer to the time it will stop working.

If it still works, get all your data off it straightaway and don't use it again.

If you can't get your data off, don't use it at all, and send it to a data recovery company.

This is a mechanical problem - nothing to do with windows, and formatting won't help. Just backup as quickly as possible, and you can't rely on that HD working ever again (unless you want to wake up in a few days and find out it doesnt work anymore).

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^ yeh i totally agree.

the longer you leave it, the further away (and harder) your data will be to recover. if i were you i wouldnt use that computer until you order this new hard drive, install it, then turn your computer on, backup all your data, and then get rid of that hard drive.

or if u have an external or something to back it up with, i'd do that

data recovery can be expensive btw, depending on how hard it is to get the data back.

theres some good programs for data recovery. i used i think it was easyrecovery professional. just google that.

we copied all these videos from our hdd camera to the computer, then the next day went to burn them to dvds, and they were GONE. the entire folder just disappeared off the desktop. this program got it all back :D

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Gerard mentioned an audible "clicking", so yeah, that's mechanical failure which probably wiped out the files connected

w/ auto updates. Best to just shut down the machine & we'll see you in a few days. If you got your machine through a

dealer that's covering the warranty of the HD, they can also probably transfer data rom the defective drive when they do

the swap. If not, get an external HD case & you can do it yourself via the USB ports. Either way, let it sit until it can be


Back to your original post - I know this sounds kind of dumb but on mine (XP Pro) I shut off the auto updates. Is that an

option on Vista. I know it doesn't fix the HD problem, but it could get you going in a pinch.

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