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It doenst matter. If you spare him - Darko will eventually escape in the airport and get killled by the attacking police in the airport. And Roman , and Bernie Will Love You!

Kill Him - Niko becomes dissapointed of himself , Roman hates you a little bit , and Bernie gets sad. It doesnt realy matter its your choice.

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What happened to me was-

Well, it pretty much ended up being my favourite part of the game. The drive to the airport took place during a thunder and lightning storm at night, totally over dramatic, moody song from Fusion FM on the radio. I was sure I was going to pull the trigger. But by the time we got there, the sun was rising... the storm had passed... and I decided against it. Me and Roman walk away into the new day.

It was so totally cheesy that I loved it. Just like a great 80s action flick. If the game had ended there, I would have been very happy, felt like the right place to leave it. Niko had gone through his journey and come out the other side... if it had been in a movie I would have thrown up in the popcorn with disgust, but in the game it worked quite well. :blush:

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ive cmpleted it, deal

R.I.P Roman Bellic 1977-2008, FUCKING DIMITRI!!!!!

If you did the deal for money. You could of done revenge > Killed Dimitri Rascalov > Go to Romans Wedding

with Kate


Kate gets shot in a drive by shooting done by Jimmy Pegorino.

> Niko Escapes Home > Little Jacob and Roman call saying they found Jimmy P. > Drive to Alderney > Find Jimmy at that casino. > Chase him to Hapiness Island > Kill Him with an AK > Credits Roll > Now you get a bounus amount of $250,000!

Roman is alive , Dimtri and Jimmy are dead. And Kate is ugly.

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I kill that rat, he's nothing but a rat, actually was :)) reading a post of someone here made me wonder why a movie had not been made 'till now with the characters/story from a gta game, I think a movie like that would have a huge impact on industry and fans, and others :D

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