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You can pass those "cables" if you go by another way to SSV, also there is NO ghost town in GTA LCS.

Oh right thats a shame i want to drive a boat there

One, it doesn't matter if the case shows you a cable or not, it's what's in the game that is the real thing, also the cable is on the south point of Staunton Island not at the airport. Two, I believe there isn't a ghost town in LCS.

No its at the ferry port and at the hills near the west of staunton :thumbsdown:

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From my memory of LCS, There's no such thing as ghost town (As there was no other type of scenery blocked off from the game) in LCS. Those cables that are suppose to prevent you from getting to Shoreside Vale, and both ways are blocked, but around the airport you can find a boat available off the plains take off road.

I might be wrong, but this is just a piece of raw memory from the game, I haven't played it in years.

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