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Guys on Playstation Network Are Sexually Harrasing Me!


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Haha, I've seen that Niqqer person before. You can't forget a name like that, it was in GTA IV cause thats the only thing I really use my PSN for.

I just hate it online when you turn on your headset during a game and some kid is on there screaming and being 'tard. Thats the worse.

Dude, that's what I wish for when I put my headset on.

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^ Age, Sex, Live, so how old you are, Male or Female, and where you live. Is it possible to hack into some sort of server and get the PSN IDs of thousands of users, or did they just scan forums across the net like some sad loser, looking to piss people off? It's pointless, whatever way they managed to do it.

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Weird, my gamertag usually doesn't give off that impression. I've only been mistaken for a girl once or twice, but that's because I didn't talk. My voice cleared things up pretty quick.

Good thing you didn't go w/ Winrey. :whistle:

Okay, all other stuff aside. I'm presuming you're around 15 or so. I don't know about NC but around where I live

an adult can expect jail time over the stuff this guy is saying to you, especially over the internet. It's time to involve

the cops. Save the messages & they can track them through their account to a general area. From there the local

cops on his end can set up a meeting & he gets all the buttsex he can handle for a few years.

Speaking as an adult this is serious & pisses me off.

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In that case have Chris & Gerard pay him a little visit.

Seriously speaking, I'm pretty sure the Brits have similar laws on the subject.

Either way, good luck getting this resolved.

I'm pretty sure they are the same in England. The UK like the USA doesn't share the same laws in their constituent countries/states. I think the laws are mainly global though and what had been said is widely unacceptable.

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