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Merry Christmas!


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TGTAP would like to wish all our visitors a Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season, I would do one of the infamous "don't drink and drive" safety speeches but this is a GTA fansite, none of us even care do we!? Plus it's not my style ;).

Rockstar are also celebrating the Christmas period with the release of some cool new wallpapers and screensavers, Celestial Deities and Rockstar Monolith, check them out over at their 2008 winter wallpaper collection.

Have a good one!

Psst. Look out for our brand new design going live on new year's day!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! Everyone deserves a relaxing holiday rest!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :D

Also, can't wait to see the new design! Hope it's sexy :P

Of course it'll be sexy!



• a 2 Bionicle (one from friend, one from aunt)

• few sets of clothes

• an inventor's kit (create your own radio, etc)

• "Pocket Pyramid Solitaire"

• a glass sculpture

• and a stack of $$$ ($100+CAD added up from multiple relatives)

Not too exciting this year,

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