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I was just watching X-Play, not sure how reliable they are, but they said that there is a rumor going around that the next GTA game, not downloadable content, will be set in Tokyo. This rumor, if I heard them right, was started by IGN. When Rockstar was asked about this rumor, they simply said "no comment".

Now we all know how these things usually turn out, but what does everyone think about this?

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Some random ass site started speculating that the next full release was to be at the end of this year. Once everyone started linking to it and laughing at them, they took the articel down. I recall it mentioning tokyo.

(Said random site wasn't IGN)

CORRECT! It wasn't IGN. They said it was Game Informer.


It obviously didn't originate there, because I've even said in the past that it might be in Tokyo, but their rumor could have started because of something more than just speculation.

They also said that it will be a late 2009 release...but I find that hard to believe.

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In regard to the most recent rumor about the next GTA location being set in Tokyo, this is what the administrator of The GTA Place had to say,



Short and sweet, but most likely true. Although, a lot of fans have been talking about Tokyo as a location so maybe Rockstar is planning on making that the next location...but fans have also been talking about a lot of other places like London. It is too early to really start guessing, but I still think Vice City will be the next location.

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What's fake?

This rumor.

Hell, I could say GTA V is going to be in England. Or [insert random country/state]

Uh, no, no. The rumor is incorrect...not fake. I don't think a rumor could be fake. A rumor is just something that someone starts up that may or may not be true. Saying that a rumor is fake is pretty much saying that the rumor was never started, but this one was.

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