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Yeah, not sure how many of you have come across Worth1000 before, but basically they do a load of photoshop competitions, etc etc. Never actaully entered on tbh, don't have the time, or ability for that matter. Anyways, i was looking through the archives and shit last night, and there was a pretty cool contest, called 'Zombification' - the upshot is, make a person into a zombie. I like mini projects like this, something to get stuck into for a few hours, and stave off boredom. I figured I'd give it a go, on a personal level.

The Original: (Mandy Moore)




Oh, and yeah, I looked at some messed up shit to get those effects.... war wounds, industrial accidents, diseased cuts, etc. My only sefl - critisizm is that her right eye (our right) in hindsight looks pretty shit. Oh well, pretty pleased with the result.

Whatchoo think fools?

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