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the lost and damned


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what is it and what relation does it have to gta 4?

The Lost and Damned is the first of two episodes of downloadable content wxclusive to the Xbox360. It adds a new storyline, about 1 third of the length of the original GTA IV storyline, involving the biker gang 'The Lost'. It also adds new weapons, new bikes, and new physics for bikes (making them easier to control and harder to fall off of). It's a seperate game, meaning that you can still play the original GTA IV, but not at the same time. Search the internet for more info, there's plenty available.

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But this way saves old lazy so & so's like me the trouble. :thumbsup:

I hadn't caught the part about improved physics. Do you know if that's to all of GTA4 or just the LAD expansion

(will the bikes in regular GTA4 be affected)?

According to the guy from R* that was on gametrailers, the improved physics will only be for Johnny since "he's had tons of experience, being in a bike gang and all"

I'm about 90% sure that is correct.. that's what he made it sound like, anyhow.

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