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GTAIV DLC episode 2 coming no later than October 2009


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"Take-Two have published their Q1 Earning Announcement today, including a list of games they plan on publishing before their financial year is over. The biggest entry on the list has to be Grand Theft Auto IV Second Episode (Xbox 360).

The company also listed the likes of Borderlands, Bioshock 2, Mafia II, and the recently announced Red Dead Redemption in the same report, citing the all should appear in the remainder of fiscal 2009."

It was quite a surprise for me, thought the next DLC would be released later but since TLAD and IV suffered a delay in the release date I doubt it'll come out this soon, I sure as hell hope I'm wrong.

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The Lost and Damned wasn't even that great... so some people won't just waist there money for 20 added missions (Two include Jonny, Niko,)

lets be precise '23' new missions, but a bunch of AWESOME new weapons, and the new hakuchou bike is mega brilliant! and the new gang war missions are THE BEST, better than SA, that sucked,

it was a little short that annoyed me, but it was definatly worth my £14, but if the storyline is gonna be that short in ep. 2 then i aint gonna bother

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.....and the new hakuchou bike is mega brilliant!

You can keep your "hair dryer", prefer the Bati 800/Custom. I've repeatedly blown up, smashed or just driven the

Hackucho into the ocean for being too squirly. I rip through any of the races on a good old fashioned Zombie or on

the Innovation (favorite of the new bikes).

Back to topic -

Any reliable word on new vehicles or weapons?

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