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Happy birthday BEAR


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Does it truthfully matter if she's been on more than GBA? You'd make a birthday thread because you know who these people are, even if they don't tend to visit the forums much often. If I made a topic of someone I knew and he/she hasn't been on for months, I'd still make it, but the fact that I know them is valid to keep the topic alive, and if more so know about this person, then it would still keep the topic still alive either way, just would be more like a memorable topic of how great this member was.

If this person hasn't been on for some time, like a year or something, I think PMing that person wouldn't have been a harm to do either, plus they'll get the email about the PM, and so they may reply back. I understand how you feel though, leaving someone out isn't a great thing to do, but I guess it was the timing that effected some people, or that the person didn't matter to those members who do make topics like this (e.g. A new member creating a topic to this type wouldn't exactly know Bear if she hasn't been on for some time).

Anyways, a bit late then ever, Happy Birthday Bear!

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Nothing is wrong with me. I just thought I'd give my point about this. Nothing special really. All I wanted to say was even if this person isn't as active, someone will eventually make a topic about this person, just depends on who it is. If it's some new dude, obviously if she hasn't been active, this dude won't know who she is, but obviously you know her, so you'd made this topic. And that's fine.

She does log on every week, I can see that. Eh well her birthdays passed now, I think we should leave it to here. And the happy days are here, just crammed up with a bit of change too. :P

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