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My thoughts of GTA lll = REMIXED!


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im thinking of a new grand-theft-auto. Something that will have teh man CLAUDE in it. But, it reveals his voice.. Or im thinking like Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City.




-psp [LOL]

Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City.

Im thinking it will behmm .. lets say claude left Liberty city, but is returning [GRAPHics are the same ones as gta 3.]

And the down is in Destroya/ destroyed.

All the gangs are down, even the leone' joey was killed. And the hole mafia was gone/desserted, so you work your ways up to get the job as the don' They'll still be called the leones but in the end you become the don'


in missions CJ

[lets just say he returns :D]

You no a 100%-pro modder could do that. [mission editor.]

My other i dea is

GTA 3 REMIX VERSION 2. [same version

but gta 4 graphics

and same missions and stuff

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Liberty City is too overused. It is becoming really, really boring, not matter how much times you redesign it.

Also, Claude is a lame character. Everybody hates him, he never speaks, and he has no friends or girlfriends, and he doesn't have a cool backstory.

I also highly doubt that Rockstar is going to revisit the GTA III Era. They have already confirmed it is over, and Rockstar is already starting to modernise the GTA series.

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