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An Interesting Drug Dealer In Chinatown Wars

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I was driving around Liberty City selling drugs and buying drugs, when I got an email from none other than El Burro himself! He requested that I deliver some drugs (I think it was acid) to him. I was hoping that it would show him as he appeared in the GTA 3 game art, but it didn't. He was just like all of the other dealers, exept for his name. It's pretty cool that he appeared in this game though. Now with this appearance, he's appeared in three of the four GTA eras. GTA 1 era, GTA III era and now, GTA IV era.

Has anyone else dealt with El Burro in Chinatown Wars? I forgot where he was. Does anyone else know?

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Why do people have to tell everyone what happened in CTW! Can everyone shut up! I'm glad he's in CTW or whatever. Seriously, why are people spoiling it for people who havent even played the game! I swear. The next China Town Wars *feature. I'm reporting it without a post. People didn't even talk about GTA IV like this so quickly.

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