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Modern Warfare 2

The Bossman

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I bring lots of news today. First up, analysis from GameTrailers of the released gameplay video the other day - http://www.gametrailers.com/player/49146.html. It mentions weapons like an AK 103, a Steyr AUG A1, a Glock 22 pistol and a silenced Colt AR-15. Secondly, quotes from magazine scans, and the scans themselves are underneath the quotes:

The mountain ice cracks and splinters under the assault of your twin ice tools. Howling arctic winds can't quite dampen the crunch of Captain "Soap" MacTavish's crampons mere feet above you. Upon reaching the summit of your vertical endeavor, another obstacle impedes you: several yards of the path are missing. MacTavish's mad leap ends with his tools buried in the opposite wall. Following his example, you fling yourself into nothingness and the intensifying storm. The two of you are on your way to assault a forified, secret enemy base with no support - a little thing like a mountaintop blizzard isn't about to stop you. For internatioanl elites like Task Force 141, this is one of the many faces of Modern Warfare.
"It's about initial, massive impact," declares Infinty Ward president and CCO Jason West. Any one of the more than 12 million gamers who completed a tour in the company's previous game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, can attest to the developer's skill in that area.

That title punctuated some of the tightest combat in the business with shocking, dramtic moments that pushed the boundries of interactive experiences. A nuclear blast or public execution can be turned into a powerfall moment in film. When interacted with in first-person perspective, Modern Warfare demonstrated that these moments can be transcendent.

This philosophy of intergrating strong storytelling with a slickly engineered technical foundation underscores the sequel as well. While Modern Warfare 2 shares a basic formula with its predecessor, it is grossly unfair to assume the game is merely a set of new content wrapped around an old infrastructure. "We talked about leveling in single-player and customizing your character and doing all the stuff we do in multiplayer. Basically, while it was fun, it broke down the story and immersion," notes West.

Infinity Ward's development cycle involves coming up with a ton of ideas - and then throwing a bunch of them out because they don't fit with the experience the developer is trying to create. "I [hope that] when we're done, people feel like everything is cohesive and intergrated, so it feels like an evolution," says West. "I think the reality of it is that there's a lot of innovation there and those things are crazy different, and you almost have to trick people with the new things and make them not so different so they're not intimidated."

On the surface, it seems that as our heroes assault the enemy base atop a frozen mountain, they're going to enter a firefight any FPS gamer would be familiar with. Infact, the way the mission plays out illustrates Infinity Ward's subtlety in crafting new experiences. MacTavish - a playable character from the original Modern Warfare who now plays the role of grizzled NPC vet - send the player to rig up the encampment's fuel supply with explosives while he provides thermal vision-aided overwatch. The near-whiteout conditions and the radar-like heartbeat sensor on his weapon allow players to avoid conflict if they choose. However, dodging enemy patrols requires quick reflexes, and an enemy neutralized now means one less to deal with as the mission continues. West explains, "The gameplay is wide open and has a lot of variety. In terms of the story...well, any good story is on rails."

Modern Warfare 2 promise to take players along for a ride an enthralling as any summer blockbuster. It continues the narrative begun in Modern Warfare, with the world facing dangerous political instability in Russia. Ruthless, amoral men are taking advantage of a strong nationalist bent in public opinion to secure the former superpower's deadly stockpile of weapons. Though radical warlord-turned revolutionary Zakhaev is dead thanks to the heroics of Sgt. Price (TYPO I GUESS - ANON642) and company, the situation hasn't improved. The new face of Global Terrorism is a brutal former associate of Zakhaev named Makarov.

"You basically martyred Zakhaev in the last game," West notes. "He is using the fact that you killed Zakhaev as an excuse." Despite being a murderous sociopath with imperial ambitions, Makarov has secured a significant power base in Russia and is embarking on a plot to threaten global security.

Though Infinity Ward isn't sharing the specifics of Makarov's plan, it's something deemed dangerous enough to convince the international community to dispacth the elite badasses of Task Force 141 to stop him. Even if TF 141 might not understand the true nature of the threat. Infinity Ward is laying out the narrative from the perspective that real-world intellingence in imperfect; the CIA operative isn't guaranteed to have accurate knowledge or the whole story. West states, "It's not the game voice of God saying, 'Here's the objectives and here's the situation."

This uncertainty is played up in the development of the mountaintop mission. Having moved past the perimeter patrols and planted the charges on the fuel supply, the player sees something disturbing in one of the inner buildings: a crashed satellite, clearly the reason for the mountaintop base's secrecy. Sneaking into the operations center next door, the player downloads critical infomation from the Russian's mainframe while MacTavish keeps as eye out for trouble. However, trouble finds him first - a megaphone-amplified voice demands MacTavish's surrender as the huge bay doors slowly open to reveal a few dozen Russian weapons pointed his way.

Mactavish tersely advises the player to keep his head down and go to plan B on his count. On "three," the Captaindives for cover as the player detonates the charges. The blizzard the temperily drowned out by a man-made firestorm, and out heroes make a mad dash for freedom. Reinforcements zoom in on snowmobiles, quickly flanking your charcter as he trie sto make his way out of the buring base. After dropping a few drivers, a new avenue for escape presents itself.

EDIT: ^ I DIDN'T TYPE THAT. Some guy with a lack of grammar did.











And a piece of artwork from the front cover of the magazine the scans are from - GAMEINFORMER:


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So rather than the Co-Op mode you get where you replay the same missions with two people, you get to do a special forces mode? Now that I would want to see. And hearing that it's gonna be bigger means more fun. Can't wait. The information seems promising, and yet it's not even released yet, hope more good information comes!

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Too bad the scans were taken down, if you saw them, then consider yourself lucky. You can always buy the mag yourself, it's easy to get in the US, but not so easy in the UK. Might have to import it over, which could cost more. I did want Co-op, I think it would play much better than the crappy WaW effort, but Special Forces sounds pretty good.

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The full 2 minute trailer of MW2 is out, see it below at the official website:


I need to watch it again to work out what's going on, but it looks fantastic. It lagged a bit for me though, so just about to watch it again on Youtube.

Also, here are the 2 previous 10 second gameplay teasers, in case you missed them:


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Forgot to post these as well, 3 new screens:




And a few things I noticed. I think I spotted the SAW LMG from COD4, near the beginning, when the guys are shooting up the airport, and also, another gun with a type of drum ammo attachment. It could be the 1st mission, hinted at in the first teaser, with the guys entering the Airport and shooting everything up. The people tied up and ducktape over their mouths, that could be the mission when you and Captain Soap ascend the mountain for a rescue mission. I also think the guy with the mohawk hairstyle could be one of the characters you play as in the game. He appears to be the main focus at certain points of the trailer. I also think there was a gun I've seen in another game, a weird machine gun with a seemingly see-through centre, or clip, something like that. It has a weird name, anyone know?

EDIT: I think the gun is called a SG552, but not sure about that. May be an AK variant.

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The one your talking about in the first part of the trailer is a Striker. It's a semi-automatic shotgun with a drum system for storing ammo.


Uploading the trailer onto youtube now, there's only one other video on there at the moment so I thought that I might as well. Hopefully I'll get more people viewing my videos.

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New trailer is awesome. Also, that semi-auto shotgun, isn't that the same one from Lost and Damned? If so, awesome!

The one from TLaD was a grenade launcher, not a shotgun. They both use round drums though.

Obviously I was talking about the new shotgun, not the new grenade launcher. I'm pretty sure it's the same if not then something very similar. Someone here must know something about guns?

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I did post the footage from E3 in another topic, but here's a new video, basically walking you through one of the first levels, with 2 Infinity Ward guys. One of them is FourZeroTwo. It's another extended version of the same level, with some commentary:


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It's also interactive, climbing up the mountain. If you pause it at a specific point, it gives you info about how to climb, albeit very briefly. I hope a few old weapons return, mainly the M4 and AK, they're very reliable guns. But the new guns will be great as well.

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Oh, also, apparently the guy said something about, if you pick up an enemy weapon and finish the level, you might have that weapon for the next level. I'd have to watch the video again to confirm this. And you can use different attachments for the weapons in single player, but again, I can't remember and need confirmation of this.

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