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Myths and mysteries


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I guess we're not gonna find out what the big secret is after all that :rolleyes:

Are there anymore famous mysteries?

o0o yeah never did figure out what the " big secret was ".......have you tried going to san fierro going to the boat yard across from the car show room its been said that you can hear a ship horn go off im not sure what time but i think its at night.....not really famous

I don't think I can hear the horn in my game (I think I got the pirated copy since I couldn't hear the people talking in the cutscenes)

But I'll try

goodluck bro :thumbsup:

ay i found out that on mounth chilliad on the tracks one afther another there is big foot prints i didnt even know they where placed like that i mean i knew about the ones that were already found there but not one afther another on the tracks or trails whatever you want to call it

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Aha, don't believe any of the myths except those ghost cars.

I don't like going in rural areas anyway, though I'm not scared of visiting the countryside.

Well it's hard to get it off your mind especially when you're stuck in the middle of the countryside at night without a vehicle knowing about the legend of leatherface and bigfoot nearby which can strike at you anytime (which is unlikely to happen, but it might :))

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...Listening to this, I can only imagine the making a new GTA: England, and putting the Yorkshire Moors into it - It's miles upon miles off nothingness, accept misty hills, accept the countys main railway line runs right through the center of it (including Locomotives). You can imagine being ot in the midle of the night and hearing one of those old horns coming from nowhere

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