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R* has disrespected you.

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I really feel disrespected by R*. After all, I have been a GTA fan for years. I have put time, effort and money into these games. I have recommended them to many friends, a lot of whom have then gone on to buy them. Now here's the rub. When GTA IV came out on PS3 and X-box, R* didn't give a shit about the end users. You and me. The players. The people who had made R* oh so much money. No, they don't care about loyal customers being able to access their products. They care about making a fast buck. Microsoft throw 50 million at R*, so only X-box owners can get the GTA IV DLC. Their attitude seems to be, "Yeah, i know you've been a good customer in the past, and we do appreciate your past custom, but if you're a PS3 user, well, FUCK YOU BUDDY! We've got new friends now, with deeper pockets." I think i've bought my last R* game. They need to recognise that I am the customer, not fucking Microsoft.

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So your saying that if you were a business and someone asked you to give them exclusive DLC for $50,000,00O you would say no to them and decline the huge amount of money because you feel like being 'loyal' to a company? Rockstar was also beginning to suffer from money problems so this was the perfect opportunity for them.

Yes I know how it feels, I have a PS3 too. Yes I know how it feels, I was very annoyed the first time I heard too. But you got to think what you would have done if you were a business? Personally I'd rather someone gave me 50 million dollars if I gave them the rest of my pack of skittles and told my other friend to get lost.

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And I'll tell the PS3 fanboy who began this asinine topic to shut the hell up and remember how long it took before we Xbox owners got a chance to even play GTA.

Yeah, that's true. I owned an original Xbox for a long time and until the trilogy pack came out for the Xbox, I was stuck without a good GTA.

Plus, obviously Rockstar is gonna go for the more (no offence to PS3 owners) profittable system, which currently is the 360. I mean, Rockstar respects its fans, but obviously its looking for money too.

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Yea it would be great if rockstar could at least makes a couple downloads for ps3 users. Even though the lost and the damned was already out, i decided to get a ps3. I just like all the features it has to offer better than the xbox Like the web browser, the GUI, and home seems to be starting to shape up. Oh and installing ubuntu was pretty cool too, even though its slooooow. I wouldn't trade those features just to get some dlc content for 1 game. Everyone has their own opinion.

I have to admit though, i did expect the ps3 to have these downloads when i first heard about them. Im a bit dissapointed with rockstar. Ill get over it eventually though. ;)

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