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Your first browser ?


Your first browser !!!  

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  1. 1. Which was your first internet browser ?

    • Opera
    • Internet Explorer(specify which)
    • Firefox
    • Netscape
    • Maxthon
    • Avant browser
    • Other (specify which)

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Yeah (no offence) but honestly mozilla's is being a bit more cunning now by being a fox and copying ideas from many other browsers like Opera,avant,chrome,..etc. Actually at first I loved Firefox only because of its originality and thought it was the best one around. But.... :o So at the moment I think it would be right to say Opera FTW ! ;)

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For me I believe it was IE5, the first internet I ever surfed on was at school, when I got internet at home I used IE6, also used 7 for a while and now I dunno who ( my dad or my sis ) upgraded to IE8, still trying to get used to it. I never wanted the upgrade, same thing happened with IE7 ;)

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It was probably IE5, as everyone has already mentioned. I stuck with IE for quite a while, and then I switched to Firefox in 2007, after so many people mentioned they were using it. Now, I use Firefox all the time, I think it's great with all the add-ons available.

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Probably IE5.

I got my first PC in 1999 (I wasn't even 4 at the time :P) and until I got my second in 2005 and starting learning about them I had no idea what I was using nor did I really care. But my first PC had Windows 98 (First Edition) so whatever came with that is what I used for like 6 years.

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That browser is faster than any of the current now.

DIT: Although i think this topic is a bit stupid since we all started off with IE5, it was the only thing that could access the net on Windows(Mac owners fuk u)

You're retarded. First off, you're an asshole for dismissing Mac users, because apparently they are all just stupid, right?

And wow, we definitely all started out on IE5, right? No one could've started on IE6, or 4? Or better yet, any other fucking browser? Just to prove you wrong, I started on a modified version of IE, in the AOL browser.

In Macedonia, you shouldn't be afraid of that.

I officially have no technical respect for you anymore. Your location means nothing. Remember? The INTERNET? It allows ANYONE IN THE WORLD to communicate with ANYONE IN THE WORLD.

You're an ignorant fuck.

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