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    messiest webpage ?

    I made a website when I was 8 with help from my friends, and it didn't look that bad. It basically consisted of a black background, lime green text and some random pictures and stuff.
  2. Cursed

    13 year old got pregnant in a pool.

    How gullible is her Mother to believe that? It's obvious she's just got a slut for a daughter.
  3. Cursed

    Your first browser ?

    I think it was probably IE 4. We had Windows 95 at the time.
  4. Cursed

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Do you think I could run it on my PC? 256MB RAM Pentium III 667MHz Intel Graphics (Onboard) 3.8GB Hard Drive 15" Compaq CRT Or maybe my laptop? 64MB RAM Pentium II 266MHz 2MB Graphics 6.8GB Hard Drive CD Rom drive In all seriousness, I'm playing it at around 30FPS, specs: 4GB PNY PC6400 RAM AMD Phenom II X3 720BE OC'd to 3.01GHz ASRock A770DE Motherboard Zotac GeForce 8800GT 512MB 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200RPM Antec Three Hundred ColorsIt 650W Power Supply Pioneer DVD-RW
  5. Cursed

    Which underwear?

    I only wear boxers. I've never really seen briefs for sale in Britain, I'm sure they do though, I just haven't looked.
  6. Cursed

    Do you get pissed off at kids?

    My youngest cousin is 9 now, and he is becoming a little better. He used to be a nightmare though, so much so that he was known as the Anti-christ. He's rather loud... all the time. I feel sorry for my cats though most of all.
  7. Cursed

    Your Internet Speed

    With MSN open, and several browser tabs, just upgraded from 2MB to 10MB.
  8. Cursed

    What PS do you use?

    Well, the loading times are faster on CS3, and they made some small changes to the theme.
  9. Cursed

    What PS do you use?

    I use CS3, but have it set out a lot like CS2, since that is what I started with. About older versions of Photoshop, I know somebody who still uses 6
  10. I was hoping for something rather more like "GTAIV PC release due soon" from Rockstar. I don't have a DS and don't intend getting one, so I doubt I'll play it.
  11. Cursed

    The Ugliest Car You've Seen

    Quintin, you stole what I was going to post! Actually... Ive found a sudden liking to sang yongs.... or whatever they are
  12. Cursed

    My old Computer specs

    Dont you mean AMD Moron processor ---------------- My computers ok but Im getting a new one in October...
  13. Cursed

    Favorite Radio Station

    Wave 103!!!!!
  14. If theyre going for realism then theyll have more than one type of car, for example... 2007 Sentinal - Shiney and new! 2001 Sentinal - Looking a bit dated, still good condition 1992 Sentinal - Battered interior, rusty bits 1986 Sentinal - Faded, dull, battered, rusty and unreliable engine! Just picked those years because the sentinal looked quite differant in them all. That would be a good feauture
  15. Hmmm... Sentinal Phoniex VC Banshee Patriot
  16. Cursed


    I quite liked the law for parking on yellow lines and stuff. Im really hoping the traffic has more varied traffic paths, in GTA SA the cars go round corners very roughly.
  17. Cursed

    GTA IV

    If they put it on PS2... 1) They would have to put it on the old engine and redevelop it, too much time and money. 2) People wouldnt bother with the PS3, then Sony would lose massive money. So its a no for the PS2, my favorite at the moment is GTA VCS because Im still doing the missions, (oly got it on Thursday) and I love completing the game. I also like the feel of Liberty City so GTA III is good too. SA is best for features.
  18. Cursed

    I feel there will be snow

    Maybe even seasons with varying clothing, never know how good RAGE is :S
  19. Cursed

    Police respect

    Im just hoping theyve improved the cop A.I so they dont run after you shooting for hitting their car, Id rather them put on the siren and ask you to pull over first .
  20. Cursed


    I found them just a pain, something that you dont want to do at all but its still there, it just isnt GTA'ish to care about someone, usually you betray someone and go on killing rampages...
  21. I think theres a Sentinel and Mannana in the trailer (GTA LCS style). But Stallions probably will too
  22. Cursed

    GTA Tribute

    Eminance Front - The Who?
  23. Cursed

    Some GTAIV Info from GamePro Germany

    Its an apartment, theyre a large building seperated into a few floors and quite a few apartments. - And Rockstar said they have the dynamics of Niko just right so you wont have the SA clothing system style .
  24. Cursed

    GTA Tribute

    Pretty much anything from Radio X would do, as long as you dont use the GTA SA theme tune :|. I really hate that music
  25. Cursed

    7 stars and counting

    If it was ingame it wouldnt symbolise GTA, but 8 starts, The fat old laundret comes out with a slab of rotten pork and whacks you on the head with it, she then drags you into her shack and something really bad happens... a bit like hot coffee lets say... You then ride her like a whale back home