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The newest OS from Linux.

Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more.

www.ubuntu.com is the place to download it.

I have 9.04(upgraded today)and i have to say, it's awesome.

It installed the correct flash plugins and now i can view vids in youtube.

What's your xperience with it?

I say it's the best one, you don't need an AV, Ubuntu has a sophisticated antivirus system built in, also, there are no viruses for it yet.

Here's my background too.


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It's not from Linux. Clearly your new to the Linux community if you think that, and also that Ubuntu is new. As SV said it's been around for years, and the OS is based on Linux which you actually quoted yourself :/

But yeah I don't actually use it. I have it installed in a virtual machine but only for testing purposes really, mainly for web design, Linux based web browsers etc.

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the wobbly windows(you mean when you drag it) i think thats been around for a while. i had 8.10 (dunno the name) installed on the outside desktop computer, it still is. need to change the PSU for that im pretty sure it died. I opened the case, and the PSU is a 250W one ... WOW! lol. this was in our HP computer we bought a while ago.

if it supported games like windows does, i would use it as my main OS definitely.

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@WRX: You can use WINE. I'm not sure how games run in it but it's worth a try.

hmm yeah but its on the desktop comp, that is like 2ghz p4 and fx5200 :P struggles with san andreas, not worth bothering i guess.

but i suppose worth a try, if i put it on the next computer i get (maybe will get one around xmas) but idn i wanna save for a car XD

ohhh gunbound doesnt work :P i used to play that games tons like 4 years ago lol. and that system only has 1GB ram. oh and it has a dead powersupply now.

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Ubuntu was my first choice after leaving XP behind. I like Kubuntu better, it is a Ubuntu distro with the KDE. Comes with Konqor browser and yes you can play GTA SA in Wine but it is a bit of a chore to set it up. A lot will depend on your choice of Video Graphics Adapter. Nvidia, Radeon, and most mainstream graphics are covered but crappy IGP and off brands like VIA you might as well stick to XP or Vista. The way I switched was simple I downloaded the CD iso burnt it and gave it a spin. You can have it dual boot and choose between Windows or Kubuntu at boot menu. After a while I got to wondering what I was keeping XP around for and tossed it out. Now there is lots of HD space and I don't get viruses. What little software doesn't run under Wine I try it out on my brother's XP machine. You will either love it or hate it there is no middle road with this OS.

I have 512MB RAM, 128MB Nvidia 80GB HD and 300GB slave with DVD burner.

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