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[WIP|CONV] GTAIV to GTASA Total Conversion

Ryan W

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Who the fk you believe you are

1.you are pissing us off you just made 4 scripts

or something like that and now u believe you

are the leader and god of this mod well u are

fking wrong me and rwils will decide when beta

comes out not you.

And stop saying stupid stuff to new ppl in the

topic If that guy just registered for asking beta

release date let him ask we alredy know that beta isn't

comming out tomorrow-.-

So please jonathon stop your noob behavour u

won't get anything of this

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I'm also thinking of opening up a site dedicated to the mod; me and Ryan will be managing it.

Yes, because my earlier site wasn't that good, and this new site will have it's own forum! (Not like the crap one on my earlier site)

uhm guys the script for the sleeping save anim will not come from me. cant make the script to work. so Im just gonna work on the anim for that then ask our scripter to work with me with the script. by tomorrow Ill get the anim ingame. PROMISE. ill take a screen for yah guys. :D

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The mod will be free to everyone d875j. If we decided to stick a price on our mod, I don't think it would sit well with Rockstar since we are using their models, their textures and their audio.

can i help administrate the site bro

i made a website


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dslppcity; Well he hasnt reply me in the Video Comment :P, but well i will see what he said, i would like him alot in our team, since is a good person and a modder with potential :P

"We really need ppl like Him"

Jonathon;Man, we will decide the website soon, maybe we will be using a .com(payed) domain, and well i have been adding dynamic shadows to objects in our map :P, i will put all the files in a new .IMG file, lock it and release the first beta, so the mod cant be stolen :P, the IMG name will be Vans123.IMG so all ppl know is our mod(or course that name will be only in betas, once official release happends we will change the .IMG file name to GTAIV.IMG :P(and if you ask why we kicked you, well is since you deserve it, i didnt kicked you Rwils Did it :P,he is the leader)im just hist right-hand and bro :P


Rwils:Bro, why you have been so much offline from Msn?i miss talking with you about the mod, anyway hope you can get online soon :P

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with "Payed" i refer that maybe i will get a friend to pay it for me :P,



i dont know wth fking shit happend but i get inside the game and try to go to the port area and the fking shit crap crashes!!!i have been trying over 1 hour to fix it and all i get are crashes amd crahses!!!!

Im getting fking mad!!!!!!

Rwils i need you to upload to mediafire, the whole mod again(with all stuff you have added to it)

i think i screwed mine

Lock it and send me password by PM bro, if it doesnt fixes it, then i fked the mod in my Pc, and you will have to place everything in your GTA SA, couse then mine is fked

whatever,im continue trying to fix it

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