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Google Translator Fails


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I was joking around when a hispanic friend of mine sent me something i spanish. So I wrote this:

" Fuck you, you fucking cunt, maybe you should stick that keyboard up your ass sideways, you'll probably like it you fucking faggot bitch. "

In spanish this says:

Vete a la mierda, hijo de puta de mierda, tal vez debería palo que keyboard en el culo de lado, probablemente va a gustar perra de mierda maricón

In english it translates too..

Fuck you, motherfucker shit, maybe you should stick to keyboard in the ass sideways, probably will not like dog shit fag

cleardot.gifContribute a better translation

lol translator fails..

*Note - if one of the mods give me a warn or something because this is too much profanity, can you please use that old spoiler thing that would highlight anything black. I couldnt find it.

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