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75% off GTA IV PC (Steam)


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I just finished a session of Modern Warfare 2 and noticed that the PC version of GTA IV, via Steam, currently has 75% off the retail price. That's £19.99 reduced to £4.99 ($7.49, €7.49). Now is definitely the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy in time for Christmas if you don't already own it!

Be quick though, the offer ends in just under a couple of days time (4PM GMT) Christmas Eve.

Check out the offer within the Store section of your Steam client, or head over to this page.

Also perhaps of interest is the "Rockstar Collection" which has 33% off until 3rd January, bringing the price down to £33.49 ($46.89, €40.19). The collection includes all these excellent games.

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Is there a reason as to why I can't find the download? When I search rockstar games on the steam search bar all I get is a manhunt trailer. My country is set to United Kingdom. Maybe steam can detect what country I am presently in and will not show those games as they are banned, possibly? I'm in the UAE at the moment...

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Is GTAIV Moddable when its on steam? NEED INFO QUICK

Same question I have. Because I downloaded a 100% Save game from here and followed all the instructions but the game won't start when I add the files. Is there a different way on STEAM to add the save file and probably even mods?


i have a friend who can mod steam but thats gta sa

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